Why do my farts now smell like exactly what I ate?

Answer You are simply NOT digesting your food and the undigested food is rotting and causing methane gas to form and along with the undigested food becomes the "fart" that smells. Eating LOW fat, NON fat... Read More »

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Do girls farts really smell of roses?

My farts smell like petunias. Should I stop eating the hosue plants?

This is the funniest question I have ever seen on here. Thank you so much I really needed a good belly laugh.

Does eating vegan or vegetarian diet make your farts smell better?

When I went vegan my farts smelt so much less than before. Meat makes your farts smell pretty bad =/

What Are the Causes of a Gas Smell in a Car?

There are many reasons to observe gasoline odors inside a car. It may or may not mean that there is a problem with your vehicle that should be fixed right away, but unless the smell is very strong ... Read More »