What causes face and tongue swelling?

Answer Well, I am no expert, but I do belive that if your face or toung swells, it is most likely caused from some allergy to maybe a medication, food, or even a perfume or cologne. If you can, try to rem... Read More »

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How do I reduce tongue swelling?

You are so wrong in all your information that you must be trolling.Penis pumps don't just connect to tongues.

What are the treatments for face rash&swelling?

Skin rashes are common and can produce symptoms such as burning, pain, itching and inflammation. There are several over-the-counter and at-home treatment options available.Aloe veraAloe vera is mos... Read More »

If someone has swelling of one ear and that side of his face is also very rough what kind of allergy is this and what should he do?

Answer Do you sleep on that side? It could possibly be a contact dermatitis since only on one side. If so, try changing your detergent used in washing your pillowcase. Do you use down pillows an... Read More »

What could cause facial swelling on the forehead down the left side of the face and under the eyes?

%REPLIES% Answer A spider bite. This exact thing happened to my friend the other day. Answer Hello. I have light red rush on my chin, a little bit on the forhead. I don't know what it is. Could it ... Read More »