What causes face and tongue swelling?

Answer Well, I am no expert, but I do belive that if your face or toung swells, it is most likely caused from some allergy to maybe a medication, food, or even a perfume or cologne. If you can, try to rem... Read More »

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How do I reduce tongue swelling?

You are so wrong in all your information that you must be trolling.Penis pumps don't just connect to tongues.

What causes swelling in the brain?

Swelling of the brain if often caused by the brain hitting the cranium due to blunt or direct trauma.

What Are the Causes of Left Arm Swelling and Pain?

When one arm experiences pain and swelling, the cause usually stems from injury or illness on that side of the body. Pain specific to the left arm, however, may mean a heart attack.InjuryA broken b... Read More »

What Are the Causes of a Swelling Radiator Hose?

Radiator hoses are key components of an engine's cooling system. Moving the coolant through the engine properly plays a crucial role in protecting the engine. Though few car owners think about chec... Read More »