What causes your eye to twitch?

Answer Lack of sleep and prolonged staring at a computer screen or television. Try some of your favorite stress reduction techniques. These might include less caffeine, more sleep, and more vitamins.

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Why do eyes twitch or tic?

You would think mine would do that allot for all the times you keep me up so late....that and your sexy MILFness....*droolsAnyway if you really wanna know.....Ahem:Blepharospasm is the technical te... Read More »

Why doea my eyes twitch & now face spasm out of control?

What causes red eyes?

I dont know exactly what causes your eyes to get red or however they get(diff for evryone i suppose), but its generally just one of the qualities of weed. Bear in mind, not everyones eyes get red w... Read More »

What causes dry eyes?

People experience dry eyes as a result of inadequate tear production. Tears keep the eyes moist and lubricated. A number of reasons may cause an imbalance in the tear production process, resulting ... Read More »