What causes erectile disfunction?

Answer Developing a physical condition or illness that interferes with the body's blood flow and nerve impulses can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Finding the cause is crucial for restoration of sexu... Read More »

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Bicycle Seats & Erectile Disfunction?

The most recent available survey, for 2002, reports that 57 million Americans rode a bicycle at least once during the year. An earlier survey reported the total miles biked exceeded 3 billion for a... Read More »

I have a real problem, i have erectile disfunction?

See, Zach, you gotta do what I do when I have a humongous erection...UP THE WAISTBAND!

What are the causes of erectile pain?

While a penis is designed to serve urinary and reproductive functions that should not cause pain, sometimes patients can experience erectile pain. This can be a debilitating symptom with numerous c... Read More »

What is a natural cure for erectile dysfunction?

There are plenty of herbal stuff that works like Viagra.Herbal Maxx, Tiberius Erectus, etc.But I prefer simple Viagra. I belive in chemistry:)