Very easy random bruising is it serious?

Answer Much like pain, spontaneous bruising in the legs is a sign that something is wrong and needs immediate attention. It could be something as simple as hitting your legs against an object which caused... Read More »

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Easy Bruising of Thin Skin?

All of us bruise from time to time. It is a normal and natural way for the body to react to a variety of factors. Bruising happens when damage of the blood vessels occurs. When a vein, artery or ca... Read More »

How to Take the Color Out of Bruising?

For many, the skin discoloration of bruising adds insult to the injury. Bruises can appear in all shapes and sizes, ranging in color from red, to black, to green, to yellow. Bruises (also known as ... Read More »

How should my brother get rid of his bruising?

Arnica Cream (which can be bought at most herbal shops & Boots - i think). This will make the bruise come out.. and will help heal..

Is there any way to prevent bruising?

Oh my gosh! That sounds nasty, maybe you should ring a doctor or something because a headache after a banged head is not good! Anyway to answer your question i do happen to know some methods to pre... Read More »