What causes earache?

Answer An earache can be an uncomfortable problem with many potential causes. Injury to the ear itself is a possibility. The pain may also be caused by problems outside of the ear, in locations such as th... Read More »

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What are the treatments for an earache?

An earache or pain inside of your ear canal has a variety of potential causes, including built-up fluid and wax, colds, allergies, or infections of the sinuses or ears. The treatments for an earach... Read More »

What can I do for an earache that won't go away?

What type of hearing aid do you wear? If it is an all in the ear kind then yes it could be part of the problem as those are not vented and they trap moisture in your ear. If you have a behind the... Read More »

My daughter has earache, what is the best home cure I can give to her?

Put 2-3 drops of olive oil into her ear canal. It has antiseptic qualities, and also helps to dislodge wax or debris that can attract bacteria. If her ear still aches in the morning, ring your prac... Read More »

I have a bad headache, earache, and throat hurts. What could it be What should i do?

It could be a virus infecting you, or you have allergies since its the spring.For your thoart i would suggest this simple home-made remedy. 1.) take 2 tsp of black seed(fennel flower seeds) and gri... Read More »