Can yeast infections or bladder infections cause nausea?

Answer One of the symptoms of a serious bladder infection can be nausea. However, nausea is not considered a symptom of a yeast infection, though it could be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.Sourc... Read More »

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Is my dizziness the result of ear infections or dental infections?

Answer Your dizziness could be caused by an ear infection, but if it is a dental problem, it is probably inflammation of the TMJ bone in your skull. I have TMJ problems myself, and I sometimes get ... Read More »

What causes dog ear infections?

Ear infections usually start in the outer part of a dog's ear before spreading deeper into the canal. Symptoms usually start when the ear infection is still new, giving dog owners plenty of time to... Read More »

Why do I keep getting infections?

John this is a great question. The reason so many of us get STD's is because of the stigma involved with admitting to having or having had a disease. The answer to your question depends on a coup... Read More »

Dog Pad Infections?

According to Pet Place, dog foot pads are made of a thick layer of skin and a rough surface. Foot pads are often prone to infection due to their location and function, even though a dog's foot pads... Read More »