What causes and where do eye "boogers" come from?

Answer Eye Boogers are snot from the nose that makes it out of the tear ducts to keep the eyes lubricated while you sleep. Chemically it is no different then the mucus found in your nose or your lungs.Th... Read More »

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What causes fingers to feel sticky sometimes?

Yeah I agree the first 2 answers were childish!!My mature answer: Put some liquid hand-wash or washing-up liquid in the centre of your palm and then add some table salt to it (same quantity). Scrub... Read More »

What causes sticky floor around toilet base?

the seated patrons don't have to aim. it appears as though some of the standing patrons feel they don't have to aim as well. there's nothing wrong with the wax seal, but if the cistern is not caulk... Read More »

What is the proper name for eye boogers?

The official name for eye boogers, the gooey substance that forms on your eyes while you sleep, is rheum. It's a naturally-produced discharge from the eyes made up of tears, dirt, mucus and dead sk... Read More »

What do boogers taste like?

Why on earth do you want to know that?