What causes difficult labor?

Answer Difficult labor is commonly caused by one of the three following conditions: abnormalities in the mother's birth canal; abnormalities in the position of the fetus; or abnormalities in the labor, in... Read More »

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What is another name for painful and difficult labor?

How do you call a difficult child birth labor?

All child birth is called labor. A difficult child birth is called difficult labor. Child labor is quit a different thing - the employment of children full time at economic work in, for example, f... Read More »

What is the medical term meaning difficult labor or delivery?

The medical term that refers to a difficult labor and delivery is dystocia.

Why do Labor voters seem to forget that mandatory detention is a Labor policy, and that Nauru had bipartisan..?

Could you please explain how exactly you come to determine what Labor voters think? You keep attributing to them views that, in my experience, none of them would actually hold.If not for your stro... Read More »