What causes delayed typing?

Answer it could be your processor/computer or even slight chance your internet connection/settings/browser i need more details in order to help you

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How can I tell whether a particular flight is usually delayed?

There are a few you can use. One pretty decent one is FlightStats where you can search not only by a single airline but also multiple airlines on a particular route.This should work for most major... Read More »

Delayed period. which one could it be?

most of the time periods are never the same. even if they are most of the time they always change. if it doesn't come soon go to the doctor so they can look at your cyst.

Will the DTV transition be delayed to a further date?

Well, there hasn't been any announcements via CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, CNN/CNN Headline News, MSNBC, or Fox News Channel related to a further delay of the transition of digital television.Howe... Read More »

Another question about delayed vaccinations?

I had all the standard vaccinations as a child and still had mumps, pertussis, and rubella; so what good did being vaccinated do me? Granted it was unpleasant for me, but I survived and suffered n... Read More »