What causes dead spots on a hardwood floor?

Answer A dead spot is commonly used term within the sports industry, mostly basketball, to signify a spot on a hardwood playing surface that does not spring the ball back appropriately when it is bounced ... Read More »

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What causes dead spots in the grass?

there are a variety of reasons for dead spots on the lawn. One is dog urine. Another is white grubs, and another is the possibility of one of several lawn diseases. These lawn diseases are always p... Read More »

Can you install a new hardwood floor over existing hardwood floor?

How do I remove splatters of white paint from a hardwood floor wthout damaging the floor.?

If mineral spirits doesn't do it, then take a butter knife or flathead screw driver,put a cloth over the end and gently rub the spots off.The cloth will help protect the floor

Can you lay ceramic floor tile over a hardwood floor?

Danny Lipford, a home improvement expert, recommends installing a layer of cement board over hardwood floors before laying ceramic tiles. Most experts recommend against attaching the tiles directly... Read More »