What causes burning of the feet?

Answer Unless you are walking across hot coals, you do not expect "burning" feet. Hot sensations anywhere in the body might indicate nerve issues. Or you could have "burning feet syndrome" (Grierson-Gopal... Read More »

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What is burning pain in the feet?

According to ePodiatry, burning pain in the feet is a common condition, but there can be a variety of causes for the phenomenon. While it occurs most often in older people, burning foot pain can af... Read More »

Does anyone know of something that relieves burning in the heels of one's feet?

I'm not diabetic but I do have neuropathy in my feet. I rub Vicks on my feet and put socks on. It's great, because it also softens calluses.

I am a diabetic. I often have burning sensation in my feet. What is it due to What is the solution?

Diabetes neuropathy is a complication caused by diabetes that involves nerve damage in the body. Over time when a person’s blood sugar levels are high and not controlled there can be damage to th... Read More »

Castor Oil & Water Soaks Used for Burning Feet?

Whether your feet are burning because of a fungal infection or because you have been on your feet all day, a soak of castor oil and water can help relieve the burning and refresh your feet.