What causes burning back pain?

Answer Burning back pain can result from simple overactivity, but also can be caused by nerve damage somewhere in the back. Potential causes of burning back pain include an injury, arthritis in the spine,... Read More »

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Throbbing pain in sides of stomach and thirst and urinating frequently. Sweating with pain and burning.?

Urinary tract infection, kidney stones or appendicitis. Go to the doctors, please.Or rehydrate yourself with plenty of water, cranberry juice and apparently lots of mashed potato is good at helping... Read More »

What are the causes of burning foot pain?

Burning foot pain can occur at the end of the day as a result of overuse, or it may be caused by one of a number of medical conditions. It is a common complaint, particularly for people over 50, ac... Read More »

What is burning pain in the feet?

According to ePodiatry, burning pain in the feet is a common condition, but there can be a variety of causes for the phenomenon. While it occurs most often in older people, burning foot pain can af... Read More »

Burning pain in shoulder blades?

We are a health and wellness clinic that deal with musculoskeletal problems , and from your symptoms it could be a combination of both posture and a heavy back pack. You can refer to these two han... Read More »