What causes little white bumps on your tongue?

Answer Nothing, it's either you have not been scrubbing your tongue enough. OR you got some little cold or something, I don't really know.

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What causes painless spots on your tongue?

Are they bald spots? If so, you may have what is called "Geographic tongue". No one knows for sure what causes it and it isn't harmful. You can learn more about it by going to this web site:http://... Read More »

What causes a bump on the left side of your tongue?

Dentures are generally made from 3 parts PMMA (polymethylmethacrolate) powder to 1 part MMA (methylmethacrolate) monomer or liquid. It is mixed into a dough like state where it is then packed into ... Read More »

What could red bumps on the back of the tongue be?

Sores on the tongueI believe these red bumps on the back of your tongue could possibly be either canker sores or, if you are sick with the flu, signs that you may have strep throat. Also if you rec... Read More »

What are the white bumps on the tongue of a 2 month old?

I think that you need to take your child to the doctor because all though I am not a doctor white bumps in the throat can be signs of strep throat i have had it many times and each time the first s... Read More »