What causes bowed legs?

Answer this could be a birth defect or a childhood disease called "rickets" which is normally caused by poor nutrition.Sometimes it can be caused by lack of Vitamin D

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How do you get rid of bowed legs?

How does not drinking milk tie with bowed legs?

It is not. Lack of milk is not likely to be the cause of this. The condition may be Rickets, however, this condition is rare. Rickets is a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps with the absorption... Read More »

What causes the numbness in my legs?

Marie, you really should get this checked out by a doctor, either an orthopedist or a neurologist. The two issues may be related, but something is obviously going on with the nerve. They may want t... Read More »

What Causes Stretch Marks on the Legs?

Stretch marks are a type of scarring caused by skin elasticity and collagen breaking down. They typically occur due to weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy. Stretch marks range in color from a red... Read More »