Burst blood vessels?

Answer It is nothing to worry about just as Dan C said, I get blood shot eyes and sometimes blow blood vessels in my eye lids and it looks like a sty(SP) for a few days. My training partner will get a blo... Read More »

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Why/how do blood vessels burst?

Well, i think i know of a couple ways. For one, if you hit it, just like popping a balloon on the ground, it will burst. Two, blood can be pushed through, like if you were in a car wreck, the sudde... Read More »

Why do blood vessels burst in your eye?

The most common cause is when you blood pressure is raised. However, sometimes it can happen for no reason at all (this is classed as idiopathic), or it can be due to the slightest bit of straining... Read More »

Blood vessels that burst in eyes?

i would say different reasons. Eyes are organs that detect light. Different kinds of light-sensitive organs are found in a variety of animals. The simplest eyes do nothing but detect whether the su... Read More »

Do blueberries help with burst blood vessels?

no! of course blueberries don't help with burst blood vessels.. blueberries is a fruit.. i don't really thinks so.. if you think i'm wrong. ask doctors that may able to help your question.. :]