What causes blood in children's faeces?

Answer If the blood looks bright red and is not associated with pain it is probably due to rectal polyp. Infection can also cause some blood to appear in stool. In this case blood is usually mixed with fe... Read More »

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My 10 year old daughter has blood on her faeces why is this?

If it is accompanied by pain she could be having a fissure. Otherwise we have to consider polyp. She has to be examined.

Is it safe to eat faeces?

If you do consume feces, you would be a coprophagous human. Coprophagia is not commonly practiced amongst humans. In the rare change that humans become coprophagous it is usually due to a manifesta... Read More »

Is it normal for a three year old to have pale faeces?

How to save fabrics saturated with dog urine and possibly faeces?

I think I would decide which things are really worth trying to keep for sentimental reasons and how much of it you have room to keep. I mean, is anyone really going to keep curtains for sentimental... Read More »