What causes blood in children's faeces?

Answer If the blood looks bright red and is not associated with pain it is probably due to rectal polyp. Infection can also cause some blood to appear in stool. In this case blood is usually mixed with fe... Read More »

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My 10 year old daughter has blood on her faeces why is this?

If it is accompanied by pain she could be having a fissure. Otherwise we have to consider polyp. She has to be examined.

What are the causes of low blood pressure?

Most common causes are:Dehydration is common among patients with diarrhea who lose large amounts of water in their stool, particularly when drowsiness limits their drinking of fluids or is associat... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Blood in Dog Diarrhea?

Fresh blood in dog diarrhea, also known as hematochezia, is a sign of lower gastrointestinal disease but can have many other, less serious, potential causes. The causes include parvovirus, bacteria... Read More »

What are the causes of blood in the stool?

Blood is not a normally present in the stool and usually indicates a underlying, serious medical condition. Blood in the stool can either be visibly seen or gross blood, or cannot be seen or occult... Read More »