What causes bad leg cramps during pregnancy and how do you prevent them?

Answer AnswerI had really bad leg cramps too, I have found that increasing my intake of calcium made the biggest difference. I am not much into vitamins, they are not too good for you, but increasing eati... Read More »

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What causes leg cramps at night and how to prevent them?

Exercising is probably the most common cause of muscle cramps. Exercising hard cause small rips in the muscles. When the muscles are being worked too hard, they can respond by cramping up. Cramps a... Read More »

What causes Menstrual type cramps and lower back pain during pregnancy?

What causes leg cramps during sleep?

Also known as Rest Cramps. Especially in older adults, cramps at rest (often during the night) are very common. Rest cramps may be experienced at any age, however, including during childhood. While... Read More »

What could be wrong if you have cramps and back aches during pregnancy?

Answer If you are pregnant and you are having problems, you should contact a doctor right away. It could be anything. Even if you are not planning on continuing the pregnancy, you should still cont... Read More »