What causes babies to have disabilities?

Answer Retarded parents

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What causes babies to have a baby scent?

Babies are like new cars. The new car has that "new car" smell b/c everything in it has it's own distinct odor and when they mesh together, it gives an odor all it's own. From the new leather inter... Read More »

What causes human babies to have a temperature 100.9?

Yes, you can get social security. But, still you have to talk with the insurance experts for the ongoing supply of the medical equipments.

What causes disabilities and had the disability all your life and why?

Disabilities can occur during a person's lifetime or it can be present at birth. Some causes of disabilities during a person's lifetime include motor vehicle accidents, work-related accidents, or ... Read More »

What are the common causes of learning disabilities and their implications?

are you a boy or girl? i have lil brothers and sisters my brothers a little older and my sisters are a little younger but if you give me your info i will pass it on to themThere's a good article ab... Read More »