What causes your eye to twitch?

Answer Lack of sleep and prolonged staring at a computer screen or television. Try some of your favorite stress reduction techniques. These might include less caffeine, more sleep, and more vitamins.

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What does a chronic eye twitch mean?

They say when your left eye does that, your'e going to get mad as hell about something.

What kind of drugs make you vomit and twitch?

Heroin can make you vomit, nod off, and itchy. From my experience with heroin addicts, regular users also develop a grayish pallor and when high, generally have a slight frown. And hello! Needle ma... Read More »

What would cause your pointer finger to twitch for a couple of days and it will not stop?

AnswerAlzheimer's is one possibility, but not the only one.This happened to Michael J. Fox while shooting the film "Doc Hollywood". He would go back to his motel room and his finger started shaking... Read More »

How do I fix JTV and Twitch lag?

Started to happen to me today! Same thing tried different browsers. All that may have happened is I got a flash update. If it was not the updates fault than Twitch is just derping mad! But this is ... Read More »