What causes an electric fireplace to stop working?

Answer Electric fireplaces offer an economical alternative to traditional home fireplaces, according to Electric fireplaces designed for outdoor use, however, require special ga... Read More »

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What causes a home heating systems ignitor to stop working?

A home heating system's ignition may fail when fuel becomes unavailable, the permanent pilot light goes out or the electronic ignition system needs resetting.IgnitionFurnaces and boilers have eithe... Read More »

How to Install an Electric Fireplace Unit?

An electric fireplace produces heat without emitting poisonous gasses like a traditional fireplace does. This allows installation in a room without the need to vent to the outside. Most electric fi... Read More »

Would you install a gas or electric fireplace?

In my experience, gas is much better. I've sat in front of the electric ones and still needed a blanket. Gas just has more heat and is more realiable. It's a little more work to have one, but worth... Read More »

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Fireplace Use?

The average electric fireplace produces approximately 5,000 BTUs, which costs approximately 7 or 8 cents an hour to use.Source:The Best Electric Fireplaces