What causes a women to give birth to a demon babay?

Answer AIDS. lots of it

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What causes women to die while giving birth?

Although rare in this day and age, it is caused by rupture and therfore bleeding to death. There is also hypertension and heart attack/stroke. However, in today's medicine, these incidences are f... Read More »

When women give birth why do most women?

BD M, You should realize that it hurts tremendously for the woman too. Can you imagine squeezing a watermelon through a pencil-sized hole? It's gonna hurt.Have you ever said something out of desp... Read More »

What helps a women give birth?

Well back in old, women had to give birth ALL by themselves!!! BUT a doctor can help now days, or a husband, or basically any human being who is willing (and knows how) to help.

What week should a women give birth?

between 38-40 weeks. Some doctors induce as early as 37 weeks. Even at week 36 the lungs are not ready.