What causes a tickle in your throat that then causes you to cough?

Answer Tight neck muscles will press into your throat to cause the tickle to happen. If the pressure was greater it would result in a sore throat for it traps your tongue muscle there to make it hard and... Read More »

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Which disease is it that is vaccine-preventable and may be contracted by unimmunized children from adults and causes a paroxysmal cough?

What are the causes of dry cough?

There are numerous causes for dry cough, and in some cases it can be very difficult to diagnose its source. Its presence can be the result of somewhat minor conditions such as respiratory infection... Read More »

What Are the Causes of a Dry Cough & Tiredness?

There are many potential causes of a dry cough and tiredness. This is predominantly because many illnesses, whether serious or short-term, start off with these basic symptoms. While it is best to r... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Puppy Cough?

Each year, families all across America adopt their own new puppies, but sometimes puppies, like children, can get sick. If your puppy displays any signs or symptoms of an illness, such as coughing,... Read More »