What causes a soapy taste in the mouth?

Answer If you used foul language, some parents will wash your mouth out with soap. But that's not the only cause of a soapy taste in your mouth.Not Rinsing ProperlyMany people brush their teeth in a rush ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of a soapy taste in my mouth?

Eat or drink something tangy like oranges or orange juice. That may help.

What causes a sulfur taste in your mouth?

AnswerBad breath is caused by Anaerobic Sulfur Producing Bacteria which normally live within the surface of the tongue and in the throat. These bacteria are supposed to be there, because they assis... Read More »

What causes a metal taste in your mouth?

Dysgeusia is a condition in which the taste inside your mouth changes to something foul and sour. An annoying and unpleasant sensation of something acidic, bitter and metallic in your mouth general... Read More »

What causes severe cotton mouth or dry mouth in the morning?

During the day you are talking, eating, drinking, and doing things that simulate production of saliva. At night, you're going 8 hours without drinking, and hardly even moving, so when you wake up,... Read More »