What causes a soapy taste in the mouth?

Answer If you used foul language, some parents will wash your mouth out with soap. But that's not the only cause of a soapy taste in your mouth.Not Rinsing ProperlyMany people brush their teeth in a rush ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of a soapy taste in my mouth?

Eat or drink something tangy like oranges or orange juice. That may help.

Why does my mouth always taste bad after I take a nap?

Things to try:1. Gargle with a mix of:1/2 glass warm water + 1 TBS white vinegar + salt2. Have teeth sealed (a clear material). Same for wisdom teeth later.3. Use:- ARM & HAMMER® PeroxiCare- ACT T... Read More »

I've been having a strange taste in my mouth lately?

i have had it before and you could have ketones an extra hormone which eats away at your weight i would contact a hospital asap but don't worry the hospital has all the medical advise possible.Or y... Read More »

How to get sweet taste out of my mouth?