What causes a plant to wilt?

Answer ANSWER:There are many reasons that a plant wilts. Lack of water in the plant's cells (lower turgidity) reduces its ability to remain rigid or erect. Other reasons are diseases, bacteria or fungi th... Read More »

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What Causes Tomatoes to Wilt?

A fresh and delicious tomato is worth a little extra effort. However, the plants are subject to different conditions that cause wilting. While some conditions are serious, others are caused by impr... Read More »

What Causes a Plant's Leaves to Wilt?

Many home gardeners assume that wilting leaves on a plant indicate a need for more water. Although drought conditions can indeed cause a plant's leaves to wilt, it is not always the cause. In fact,... Read More »

What Causes Hydrangea Flowers to Wilt After Planting?

Hydrangeas are flowering shrubs featuring bold pompoms or panicles of white, pink or blue flowers that grow in gardens across the United States. Problems with these plants arise from the very speci... Read More »

How do I prevent tomato plant wilt?

WateringWater tomato plants that display signs of wilting leaves if the plant has not received significant rain. Growing plants need 1 inch of water per week. Water plants only at the base to disco... Read More »