What causes a plant to droop?

Answer tap water will cause a plant to droop because of the addititve such as flouride, rain water is best for plants If the plant is being underwatered it may also droop. Peace Lily's for example, will d... Read More »

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What causes a plant to wilt?

ANSWER:There are many reasons that a plant wilts. Lack of water in the plant's cells (lower turgidity) reduces its ability to remain rigid or erect. Other reasons are diseases, bacteria or fungi th... Read More »

What Causes a Bamboo Plant to Yellow?

If you have a bamboo plant, you are probably used to seeing its bright green foliage year-round. If the leaves start turning yellow, you may be worried that you have a problem. Watch the yellowing ... Read More »

What causes plant growth to increase?

Waternutrientsgood air circulation in root zone

What causes a plant to grow upward?

Okay, well there is tropism and stimulus. The stimulus can be gravity, light, and touch. So it depends... If there is a window above the plant and it is reaching upwards towards it... then it would... Read More »