What causes a person not to lose weight after bariatric surgery?

Answer Bariatric surgery is a good option for very overweight people who have persistent trouble losing weight using diet and exercise. However, the operation alone is not sufficient, and some do not lose... Read More »

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How much weight does a person lose after a delivery?

You will probably lose around 13 lbs. of weight during the birth of your baby; this includes the baby weight, amniotic fluid and the placenta. You will lose additional water weight within a few day... Read More »

What Causes a Cat to Lose Weight?

If you notice your cat losing weight, this could be from a minor problem or caused by an underlying medical condition. Providing your cat with nourishing dry cat food and supplements is one way to ... Read More »

How much weight can a person lose in 30 days?

They call it "the battle of the bulge." When many of us look in the mirror, we see extra pounds we would like to lose. And we want to lose them fast. Weight loss is good, but how much weight can a ... Read More »

How Much Weight Can a Person Lose With Lipo Injections?

The amount of weight an individual can lose by having lipo injections depends on the type used and the person themselves. Some people opt for B12 lipo injections, which can cause greater weight los... Read More »