What causes a lump at the top of your spine?

Answer I'd recommend talking with your doctor before giving an infant any kind of medication as they can easily be given too much.

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Should you be worried about a hard pea-sized lump on your spine which you have had for a month?

Answer Yes you should be concerned. It may be nothing. It may be a cyst, or it may be something more serious. You need to go to a doctor. In person. No one is able to (or will) diagnose you onl... Read More »

What could explain a painful lump behind your right ear that causes severe headaches?

Should you be worried if you've always had a very small non-painful lump on the back of your head and now that you are pregnant the lump has grown big and now it hurts and what could it be?

Answer It's possible that it could be a lymph node in an odd location. My little sister had a lump on her head when she was born and it turned out to be a lymph node. We were told it may become swo... Read More »

What are the causes of a soft lump on the labia?

At the entrance of the vagina there are two pairs of lips called the labia. The larger outside pair is called the labia majora, the smaller inside pair is called the labia minora. Both the labia ma... Read More »