What are the causes of infant fever?

Answer If left untreated, fever in infants can cause dangerous complications, such as dehydration. Fevers in infants and young children can be caused by a variety of conditions, some more serious than oth... Read More »

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What are the causes of daily fever&low platelet count?

Several mechanisms are used by the human body to maintain health. One such mechanism is fever, which raises body temperature. Fever is important in diagnosing disease, especially due to the increas... Read More »

What type of bacteria causes Typhoid fever?

What should you do when fever is high and causes a child to be delirious?

6 and above. According to Georgia Law: "ALL children under the age of six, regardless of how tall they are,must ride in the backseat of a car. A child is safer in the back and farthest away from t... Read More »

What causes a rash to start on the backface and then chest in a 11 month infant with fever?

A needle or simply any other infected object that somehow established contact with the child's bloodstream. AIDS can transmit itself sexually as well as via saliva from an infected person or cough ... Read More »