What causes a bruise to be black and blue It seems like they should be red?

Answer A bruise is also called a contusion (say: kun-too-zhun), and it forms because the soft tissues of your body have been bumped. Some people bruise easily, whereas others may have tougher skin tissue.... Read More »

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What Are the Treatments for a Black & Blue Bruise?

When a person strikes a part of her body and the skin doesn't break but the muscle fibers and connective tissue underneath are crushed, blood vessels beneath the skin may rupture and bleed. The blo... Read More »

Bright blue bulging veins and purple bruise like patterns?

sounds like your carotid arteries...blood clotting, yes call 911 now!!!EDIT: what happened to this person her account is gone???

Does a black scab and a bruise-like discoloration mean tetanus?

Tetanus has absolutely nothing to do with ur colour of scab. Hell, tetanus will cause systemic specific local injury point symptom at all. U should get an tetanus toxoid vaccine immedi... Read More »

Why do I have a black mark on my neck that resembles a bruise (had it for 2-5 weeks)?

No, it sort of looks like a beauty mark. Ask your mom or dad if they have such a mark somewhere on there body could be the neck as well, and show them yours, since you're so concerned about it. I f... Read More »