What causes a blister in the back of your mouth between the jaw and gum area?

Answer follow this method for 8days.Giving free service since many years.Holistic healing method or detoxificaton method.You should immediately avoid1. all types of milk products(milk,curd,buttermilk,coff... Read More »

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I have a fever blister in my mouth like in the area that you would put chewing tabacco in what can I do for it?

Its probably a canker sore. You pretty much just have to wait those things out. Keep acidic foods away from it in the meantime. I get one everytime I go to the dentist and the last time it took ... Read More »

What can you do for your baby who has a blister on the top of his mouth?

well, it could be hard to do, but, get some warm water and pour 1 table spoon of salt it to the water. then try to get the baby to put the salty water it their mouth and then spit it out. repeat th... Read More »

I'm 18 and i been having this pain on the back of mouth for 3 days now its on the right side of my mouth?

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What can I do about this blister on the back of my heel?

I have had blisters on my feet and the way to deal with is to apply moleskin. Moleskin is a flesh-colored bandage you can find at the pharmacy. You cut it to size and apply it over the blister. It ... Read More »