What causes a baby's head to be soft when it is first born?

Answer Their heads are soft because the skull isn't fully formed yet, this is so they can fit through the birth canal

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What is it called when work with new born babys?

Why is babys head dropping when crawling?

AnswerBabies have very large heads compared to there bodies, therefore they have trouble supporting them and the musscles in there necks are not strong enough to hold it up that's why when you are ... Read More »

How do the babys respiration and circulation change when the baby is born?

It no longer depends on the mother for oxygen...... ~(3*14*09)~ R+J :) :)

When will your babys head engage?

To become a midwife you must undergo a 32 month vocational training program, or an 18 month nurseconversion course (on top of the 32 month nurse training course). Thus midwives potentially could ha... Read More »