What causes Windows XP to run slow?

Answer There is no one reason that Windows XP would run slowly, but the reasons will fall under certain categories. Software problems can be fixed by reinstalling Windows XP.VirusesViruses are self-replic... Read More »

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What Causes a Slow Metabolism?

Your metabolism, or metabolic rate, is the rate at which your body converts the food you consume into energy. A slow metabolism can lead to a number of problems including difficulty losing weight w... Read More »

What Causes Mealworms to Slow Down?

Mealworms are not worms. They are the larva of the darkling beetle, that are wormlike in shape, with a hardened exoskeleton that allows them to burrow. Mealworms' activity level will vary, depend... Read More »

What causes computers to slow down over the years?

If your talking why does your computer slow up after you have it for a few years, It's alot of junk that is collected and changed as the years go on. There are all kinds of expensive programs avail... Read More »

What causes a computer to become so slow It never used to be like this?

not enough ramtracking cookiessome virusesspywarerunni ng to many programmes at the same time