What causes Windows XP to run slow?

Answer There is no one reason that Windows XP would run slowly, but the reasons will fall under certain categories. Software problems can be fixed by reinstalling Windows XP.VirusesViruses are self-replic... Read More »

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Why is Windows XP running so slow?

Windows XP was introduced by Microsoft in 2001 and quickly developed into a robust and stable operating system. Computers equipped with Windows XP, however, may suffer performance deterioration ove... Read More »

How to Replace A Slow Windows Notepad?

Windows Notepad is a small text editor that is built in to the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is the default program assigned to open and edit TXT files. Although Notepad is useful, it is o... Read More »

Downloads From iTunes Are Slow on Windows 7?

If your purchased content downloads at a slow rate from iTunes there may be an issue with your Internet connection rather than the iTunes program. The speed of your modem determines how fast songs,... Read More »

Laptop slow after windows update?

Are any of the process running named mscorsvw.exe?If you update .net, mscorsvw.exe will run, and the computer will be slow until it finishes. Just be patient and let it finish. The computer will go... Read More »