What caused you to become vegetarian/vegan?

Answer A few reasons. - I think that Americans over consume meat. - Eating meat is an inefficient use of the world's water supply (versus eating fruits). - icky reasons - hormones in meat, the cows bein... Read More »

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What caused Lincoln to become dissatisfied with general mcclellans comman?

So many delays that some of the cabinet thought it looked suspicious, hinting that McClellan might possibly be a Confederate spy.Even after the Northern victory at Antietam, Lincoln felt that McCle... Read More »

What caused everything in Internet Explorer to suddenly become so tiny it's unreadable How can I fix it?

Is it just the text that's small? If so hold the CTRL key down and press the "+" key. If it's everything on your screen, maybe your resolution has been set too high. Go to the Control Panel>Displa... Read More »

If veins become visible on the breasts does it mean you are pregnant or could it be caused by something else?

Answer Veins on the breast can be a symptom of pregnancy... it was for all of mine very early on. I don't know what else may cause that so whether you are pregnant or not you should probably conta... Read More »

Can you get Invisalign braces when your wisdom teeth may have caused your front teeth to overcrowd and become slightly crooked?

Wisdom teeth do not cause crowding and I can prove it. When I was in Dental School we did a study. We took one group of people that had impacted wisdom teeth and graded their front tooth crowding. ... Read More »