What is smog caused by?

Answer Photochemical smog is caused by freons, the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, which allow water to condense on smoke particles. Industrial smog is created from burning coal or oil, w... Read More »

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What caused slavery to end?

Slavery existed in the United States until 1865. The Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution officially ended slavery in the United States. Congress passed the amendment on January 31, 1865 a... Read More »

What caused red eyes?

In pictures, it's when light reflects off the eye and into the camera lens trying to capture the image.

What Are Solar Flares Caused By?

The sun's magnetic activity follows an 11-year cycle. Early in this cycle, solar activity remains at low levels. The sun's activity intensifies toward the end of the cycle, which is known as the "s... Read More »

What caused the Marines to start?

With the American Revolutionary War becoming a sure bet, the Continentals were surprised to find that they owned not a single Ship of the Line or armed merchantman and decided to create the US Navy... Read More »