Why was hydrogen used to power the Hindenburg instead of helium?

Answer The German airship Hindenburg used flammable hydrogen rather than inert helium due to the United States' refusal to supply helium to Nazi Germany. At the time, the United States was the world's pri... Read More »

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What makes mentos explode?

There have been many videos made about Mentos exploding when placed in soda. Some scientists claim that the gum arabic in the Mentos causes the chemical reaction resulting in the fizzing and founta... Read More »

What do you do to get mentos to explode in pepsi?

as soon as mentos hits coke i fizzes and rushes up the ottle causing a "coke volcano" thus u will neve be able to get it in a bottle and be able to shake it.After many nights of experimenting at st... Read More »

What Makes a Car Battery Explode?

Although it is rare, car batteries can explode if not used properly. This can happen for a variety of reasons, many of which are preventable.

What Causes Flour to Explode for a Science Project?

Flour is a combustible powder that can ignite and explode if fire is introduced. Experiment with the white powder to demonstrate it's fire power and provide an entertaining science project for stud... Read More »