Why was hydrogen used to power the Hindenburg instead of helium?

Answer The German airship Hindenburg used flammable hydrogen rather than inert helium due to the United States' refusal to supply helium to Nazi Germany. At the time, the United States was the world's pri... Read More »

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Can you explode twice?

Yes. If you get hit by a grenade, your mangled body will be thrown in the air. This is explosion one. Then, your body can either set off a claymore (causing another explosion), get hit by a mortar ... Read More »

Ever had your finger explode?

you may get arthritis in latter life but you will soon be OK its happened to me loads time good luck fella

How to Make a Pen Explode?

You are sitting down and there is nothing to do. What are your options? Homework, lame. Chores, lame. Sassing your siblings? Its fun, but it could get you in some trouble. How about EXPLODING A PEN!!!

Is there a way of making an eye explode?

One would think that this wouldn't happen, but it does. Any severe blunt trauma can rupture an eyeball. Usually it's a fist, or an object such as a stick or something hard that hits the eye with en... Read More »