What cause the screen of the computer monitor to discolor on one side?

Answer try this simple way just unplug your monitor for a long period a day or when you go to sleep , unplug the monitor both power cables and video cables then tomorrow reconnect it , if this not work, b... Read More »

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Can we play PlayStation 2 connected to the computer monitor using it as a screen instead of the TV screen?…or through the pc (cool for recording game play)…

My CRT monitor screen is bend in right direction on both side. Help me please.?

My monitor has an OSD button in front on the lower panel. If yours has one press it. Other models have them in the back as nobs or on the front under a flip-up panel.On my screen a small blue scree... Read More »

Using tv screen as computer monitor desktop screen doesnt fit tv?

change the resolution on your desktop.right click on the actual desktop,where your screensaver screen resolution.if your tv is 1080p select 1920x1080if it is 720p select 1280x720

Is there such thing as a screen that doubles up as a TV screen and a computer monitor?

Both Sony and Toshiba make combo TV/monitor systems. Other manufacturers such as Vizio probably do as well. Check TigerDirect. Also a Dynex flatscreen can be a TV/monitor system.