What cause iPhone incoming calls to go straight to voicemail?

Answer 4g is the best (it isn't even related to the question!) there both nearly the same but the 3g do have a wall paper after you unlock the ipod touch

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How do you block certain incoming calls on an iPhone 4S?

you simpily cannot. the most you can do is reject a call

Can you block incoming calls on iphone 4?

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How to Filter Incoming Calls on the iPhone?

To achieve true call filtering on an iPhone, you would have to jailbreak the phone and install a third-party application. However, a simpler, less dangerous approach will achieve essentially the sa... Read More »

How do you get calls to iphone to go straight to ear piece?

It depends. If you UNLOCK it and put a new SIM in: No. If you just JAILBREAK it: Yes, yes you do.