What cause a plant's leaves to wilt?

Answer This is a loaded question. It can be due to micro or macronutrient deficiency, lack of water, too much sunlight, high salinity, infection, etc. The mechanical part of wilting is due to cells in the... Read More »

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Will excessively hot weather cause tomato plants to wilt?

In extreme heat tomato plants will wilt and the fruit is less likely to ripen properly. Growing tomatoes in cages can help combat heat issues as the foliage creates its own shade. Covering the cag... Read More »

What would cause the leaves of cucumber plants to be covered with white spots and to dry out?

Answer It sounds like a powdery mildew attack, to which cucumbers are very susceptible. This commonly occurs in plants that are aging, or during cool damp weather. One remedy is to spray the plan... Read More »

What Causes a Plant's Leaves to Wilt?

Many home gardeners assume that wilting leaves on a plant indicate a need for more water. Although drought conditions can indeed cause a plant's leaves to wilt, it is not always the cause. In fact,... Read More »

Can Sevin dust cause leaves on pepper plants to wrinkle?

Sevin dust does not cause wrinkled leaves on pepper plants. Peppers are prone to pepper mottle virus, a disease that causes pepper leaves to become dark and wrinkled. Sevin dust applied early in th... Read More »