What cars have the lowest and highest insurance rates?

Answer Help with your insurance rate question Rates are based off of the statistical cost of repair. An older vehicle cost less to repair and replace than a newer vehicle thus lower insurance.Cars like Mu... Read More »

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Is there any list of the different group ratings for insurance on cars to see which ones have the highest and lowest insurance prices?

AnswerYes, but it's not usually something insurer's hand out. You may ask your broker for their opinion as to which "class" of vehicle is less expensive to insure. Good Brokers (like me lol) can an... Read More »

Can you list states from the highest to the lowest cost of auto insurance?

Answer Just look for the states with the highest number of attorneys. (martindale hubbell) those are the states that are the most expensive. fewest attroneys least expensive. (ohio)

What cars have lower insurance rates?

Insurance rates are a part of the cost of owning a car that one can control to some degree. There are some cars that are inherently cheaper to insure than others.ConsiderationsThe overall cost of a... Read More »

What kinds of cars have higher insurance rates?

The kind of car you have is a determining factor in how much your insurance rates will be. For example, sports cars often carry high premiums.SignificanceIf you have a high-performance sports car, ... Read More »