What careers are available with an MBA in marketing and a real estate license?

Answer building/property developer, real estate broker and more.

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How to Do Real Estate Marketing?

Real Estate Marketing is not something you do once. It is something you must do on a continual basis. Think of marketing as the “eating right and exercising” part of your business. Just as you ... Read More »

Do I need a real estate license or broker license to act as a property manager for a friend in California?

That is correct. The landlord is responsible for the mortgage payment as the investment property is ultimately his (name on the deed). And I also agree with the advice given below. A competent and ... Read More »

Related Careers in Real Estate?

The real estate field offers an individual a wide variety of careers. These careers require a person who has excellent communication skills, personality and judgment. An individual with a good memo... Read More »

Real Estate Marketing Methods?

In the dynamic real estate market, real estate agents need to constantly stay on top of current real estate marketing trends. Effective real estate marketing not only brings in new clients and more... Read More »