What carat is dental gold?

Answer Gold in a dental crown can range from 10 to 22 carats. The gold is alloyed with other metals. Gold that is 10 carats has 40 percent gold content, while 20-carat gold is 80 percent gold.Source:Anima... Read More »

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Gold Plated vs. 18-Carat Gold?

The allure of gold has been with mankind for centuries. However, all gold is not the same, and within gold processing different types exist, including pure gold, gold plating and gold alloys. 18-ca... Read More »

What does 10-carat gold mean?

A carat measures the purity of gold, 24 carats refers to pure gold, and anything less means the gold has been alloyed with another metal. Ten carats means that the gold is 10 out of 24 parts gold, ... Read More »

What does carat mean in gold?

The term carat is used in the measurement of precious stones and gold. For precious stones, a carat is equal to .20 grams. For gold, carat (also spelled karat) is used to measure the proportion of ... Read More »

What Is 18 Carat Gold?

Caratage is a measurement of gold content. The stamp of "18 carats" on a piece of jewelry indicates it is not pure gold, but a percentage of gold mixed with other metals. Carats are alternatively d... Read More »