Does it make any sense that a train locomotive gets over 400 miles per gallon and a car only gets 50 at best?

Answer The train does not get 423 mile per gallon. That figure is the mileage based on one ton of freight in a loaded train. If a train carrying 1,000 tons of freight gets 0.423 miles to the gallon of fue... Read More »

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What is the best expresso Anybody who answers gets 10 points?

Try local coffee stores like Community Coffee or Starbucks or the best brand at the store. Hope this helps.

What harm can a baby gets if a mother gets burnt on her tummy?

wow thats a VERY DIFFICULT QUESTION! but the pain problem would be... the baby would probably have back problems.

What name had that old movie/series where a man gets a new body after his old one gets hit by a metro?

It was called Now and Again and had Eric Close in it. I've watched it and really enjoyed it. It was John Goodman's character who died and he then was part of Eric Close's body.

What should you do when your best friend gets the iPhone 3g s and starts bragging about it?

Ask them to stop in a mature way. If it keeps on happening you arent true friends.