What can't vegetarians wear?

Answer Animal fiberAmbergrisBeeswaxCasein (used in plastics, clothing, cosmetics, adhesives and paint)Castoreum (secretion of the beaver used in perfumes and possibly in food flavoring)Coral rockEjaculate... Read More »

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Can vegetarians wear leather?

Whether a vegetarian can wear leather is a moral decision that person must make. Some are vegetarians for health reasons, and they may not have an issue with wearing leather. Those who are vegetari... Read More »

Do vegetarians wear makeup?

I mean you can either way there isnt anyone tell you what you can and cant doMost vegetarians..or animals rights people wear animal friendly make, that wasn't animal tested.

What clothing fabrics vegans/vegetarians can't wear?

It's entirely up to you what you wear or don't. There aren't any "rules" about it. If you don't feel that wool is a means of exploiting animals, then wear wool. Wool CAN be made without harming she... Read More »

Since cows are vegetarians, can not human vegetarians safely eat beef and still be considered a vegetarian?

Yes, but you have to fry the cow in vegetable oil first.