What can't vegetarians wear?

Answer Animal fiberAmbergrisBeeswaxCasein (used in plastics, clothing, cosmetics, adhesives and paint)Castoreum (secretion of the beaver used in perfumes and possibly in food flavoring)Coral rockEjaculate... Read More »

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Calling all vegetarians! What are all the not-so-obvious foods we cant eat?

I was going to mention wine and also fruit pastilles and stuff.If you go to the below website, it's a page on the Vegetarian Society website and it lists 'stumbling blocks' which is basically foods... Read More »

What clothing fabrics vegans/vegetarians can't wear?

It's entirely up to you what you wear or don't. There aren't any "rules" about it. If you don't feel that wool is a means of exploiting animals, then wear wool. Wool CAN be made without harming she... Read More »

Can vegetarians wear leather?

Whether a vegetarian can wear leather is a moral decision that person must make. Some are vegetarians for health reasons, and they may not have an issue with wearing leather. Those who are vegetari... Read More »

Do vegetarians wear makeup?

I mean you can either way there isnt anyone tell you what you can and cant doMost vegetarians..or animals rights people wear animal friendly make, that wasn't animal tested.