What can't a 1 year old drink?

Answer Diet soda, colas, too much fruit juice. Cows milk is too strong for them too.

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I want to get drunk,but cant decide what to drink. any suggesgions?

A personal favourite of mine is sambuca! I never get a hangover from it either. Always have loads of water before going to bed after night out and always always hav a kebab!! Sambuca is great as it... Read More »

Why cant new borns drink water?

From Dr. Sears:"Does my breastfeeding baby need bottles of water?"Breastfeeding babies do not need extra water, though formula-fed babies often do. Your breastmilk contains enough water for your ba... Read More »

Why cant I drink alcohol anymore?

Drinking too much too early in life. This is your body telling (pleading with) u to stop!

Do you drink Egg Nog only during Christmas Time or do you drink it at anytime of the year?

I normally don't drink it but, have had it several times in the past. The Rum "spiked" egg nog is the best. yummy. It's very rich in taste. Just at Christmastime is when I'd drink it. Drink Respons... Read More »