What candy/food snacks can you not get in Sweden?

Answer Here are some novelty sweden snacks:KEXDescription: A chocolate wafer cookieTastes Like: A chocolate wafer cookie, what you'd expect. Would love to try the dark chocolate version.Chocolate BallDesc... Read More »

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What are some vegan snacks you can get from snacks you can get from sainsburys/tesco?

Get some lite read and some spread and top with cheese, tomato egg or any other of those healthy toppings you allow yourself to eatDune

Is there any difference in iPhones from Sweden and hongkong can you use a iPhone 4 32GB from hongkong in the same way that you would use a iPhone from Sweden?

Pets are bonuses, just like weapons and abilities. Each time you level-up you have a chance to get a random bonus, which may turn out to be a pet at some stage.

Anyone up for rating Fruits/Snacks On a rating of 0-10 how would you rate the Fruits/Snacks from this list?

1) Pears -10! YUM! I love fruit!2) Sunflower Seeds -2, Ehh, not a huge fan 3) Cherries -10! LOVE THEM!4) Corn Chips -5, they kinda taste bland5) Raisins -8, YUM!6) Apricots -10! As you can see I LO... Read More »

Need BBC 1 in sweden?

Thanks for reminding me! ;-) You need a UK IP address in order to watch BBC iPlayer content plus a UK TV license. A VPN subscription is required to get a steady reliable quality tunnel to the UK, f... Read More »