What candy bars were invented in the 1950s?

Answer The Annabelle Candy Company began to make and market the Rocky Road Milk Chocolate Bar in 1950. After the success of regular M&Ms in the 1940s, the Mars Company invented peanut M&Ms, which it intro... Read More »

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Can you freeze candy bars?

You can freeze candy bars. It is a great way to preserve the chocolate bars. Candy bars that are not chocolate can be frozen but be careful before eating them because they can become very hard. You... Read More »

Facts About Take Five Candy Bars?

If you've ever had a craving for a food that's both sweet and salty, you may have tried Hershey's Take 5. The Take 5 chocolate bar is a popular combination of five common candy bar ingredients: cho... Read More »

Where can I get carob candy bars?

A lot of grocery stores carry carobs squares in bulk (usually by organic products). They are sooooosooo good.

When were candy bars introduced?

According to Dan's Chocolate, in 1871 Joseph Fry blended cocoa butter, cocoa powder and sugar into a paste that was formed into molds to create the first chocolate bar. His company merged with Cadb... Read More »