What can you write off closing costs when refinancing your home?

Answer As of 2010, when you refinance your home, the Internal Revenue Service allows you to deduct a limited number of closing costs, similar to when you take out a mortgage. However, the amount and the t... Read More »

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Tips on Refinancing With Low Closing Costs?

According to the Federal Reserve, the average home mortgage refinance costs a borrower between 3 and 6 percent of the loan amount. This can add up quickly and eat up precious home equity, if the cl... Read More »

Can I write off closing costs?

On One Hand: Deductions by SellersTaxpayers who sell their primary residence during a calendar year can deduct all property taxes they paid up to but not including the day of closing, according to ... Read More »

Do You Go to a Closing Meeting When Refinancing a Home Loan?

When you refinance your home, you must sign the mortgage documents in front of a state-certified notary, and you normally do this during a meeting that lenders call "the loan closing." However, in ... Read More »

What Can You Write Off When Refinancing Your Home?

Taking a deduction for discount points is the only cost from refinancing your home that the Internal Revenue Service permits. Discount points reduce the interest rate on the loan in exchange for an... Read More »