What can you wear on the Navy base?

Answer A Navy base is not considered a public place, but is instead under the purview of the Department of Defense. Clothing and outerwear that may be tolerated outside a base may be limited within the ga... Read More »

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Can a retired cpo from navy reserve who came out of retirement and joined national guard and retired as a sargent question can you wear the navy uniform to a navy ball or must you go army?

Yes as long as u wear the rank and awards that you made in the navy but why would you move from e7 to a e5 that's just crazy

Can you stay at any Navy base if you are in the Navy?

For most bases, yes. It doesn't apply to bases where access is granted by clearance level, and you're not at that level. For most larger bases it's not a problem, if they have available quarters fo... Read More »

What US Navy base is located in Hawaii?

What restraunts can deliver onto san diego's navy base?

Best | Alphabetical | Recently added | Distance Featured restaurantsOverseas 84% I like it I don't Clear vote $$ Carlsbad - Chinese Double Happiness Mandarin &... 81% I like it I don't Clear vote ... Read More »