What can you use to clean a lcd monitor screen without harming it?

Answer they have wipes at office depot and such especially for lcd

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How can I clean the screen of my lcd monitor without scratching it ?

The maker of my LCD recommends a damp, soft cloth and then dry with a soft cloth. The maker does not recommend any solvents or solutions be used on the monitor.

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How to clean LED monitor screen if there are some oily dirts on the screen ?

Use deionised water on a piece of lint free cloth. Rub gently few times. Do not use any solvents or chemicals on the LED screen. Visit this web site.…

What to use to clean a flat-screen monitor?

I would try a wet (but not dripping wet) tissue with water first. Rub the remains with the damp tissue many times with LIGHT pressure. I'm not comfortable with using any cleaners unless they are ... Read More »